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Nera obuća i kožna galanterija

NERA offers a wide selection of Italian shoes and accessories for women and men.In our stores there are also available well-known Italian shoe brands like Mafer, Zocal, Luca Grossi, Moda di Fausto, etc... We can also offer sports shoes, women shoes, purses, wallets, umbrellas, briefcases and Samsonite travel program.



Savica-Šanci 147, 10000 Zagreb,
tel: (01) 2409 065

Jurišićeva 14, 10000 Zagreb,
tel: (01) 4921 694

Ilica 31, Zagreb
tel: (01)4833356

Kvaternikov trg 5, 10000 Zagreb
tel: (01)2317091

Trg Ivana Kukuljevića 13 (Špansko),
10000 Zagreb
tel: (01)3895330

Patrizia Pepe Firenze

Patrizia Pepe is a brand that cultivates a unique minimalist style that meets the desire of women to be elegant and feminine at any time of day, without sacrificing comfort, modernitiy and originality. Our attention to details and innovations makes the clothes Patrizia Pepe modern, urban, creative and contemporary.



Jurišićeva 2a, 10000 Zagreb


Elisabetta Franchi is the creator of a perfect Made in Italy prêt à porter that owes its success to her style and the particular production strategy based on quality, excellence and care for detail. In little over a decade, the dream of a creative person with a strong pragmatic sense turned into the latest fashion sensation.


Zagreb - Ilica 13, 10000 Zagreb,
tel. (01) 4833476